When attackers decide to attack your business, they start with scanning your external resources that are publicly available to look for vulnerabilities. They can find out your email provider, your website host, and your domain host. From just these 3 items, attackers can form a plan of attack.

Attackers first run external checks to see your company’s weak points and if you’re an easy target.

Attackers check for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your:
1) Email
2) Domain
3) DNS records (Domain Name System)
4) Business & Personal Contacts (Searching for any contacts and employees that are likely to fall for scams like email phishing attacks, etc.)
5) Public Info (including PII (Personal Identifiable Information), internet searches, various databases, and any other info they can find

Attackers gather all of this data before launching and during their sustained attacks to lower your defenses, one by one . . . Your best defense is to see what potential attackers see, and boost your defenses.

If you don’t have the data OR the correct info to protect yourself, then you and your company are an easy target for attackers.

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