A common misconception for any business is that the purchase of cybersecurity software means you’re secure – but that is wrong.

We talk to companies every day who are aware of the importance of having security software and defenses. But it’s not enough to have antivirus software or the newest “xyz security platform.” Security software doesn’t run by itself, it only takes you 50% of the way there. Businesses still need a dedicated cybersecurity resource.

Companies that have cybersecurity software are often missing the answers to these important questions: 
– Who is monitoring the software to ensure it’s updated?
– Is anyone monitoring the alerts or performing the actions needed?
– Does the software accurately reflect your specific security posture? (Frequently, the answer is: “No, it’s just straight out of the box.”)
– Is the info/data from the security software included in company reports? 

There are a hundred more questions like this. 
Having security software is only half way of the journey. What are you doing for the other half? 

We can provide you with:
– Recommendations to fix critical vulnerabilities
– Best practices to defend your company, employees, and valuable customer data

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