Security Audit and Assessments.

Know your Risk, Be Proactive, Measure, Monitor and Respond

Security risk assessments are essential for discovering risk and defining appropriate mitigation strategies that fit your company’s objectives. 

Have you ever received, or worse, opened a suspicious email? 

Do all of your devices have protection against malware, spam, and phishing – all common forms of email attack? 

90% of all cyberattacks start with an email. You risk it all when you accidentally open a suspicious email, or accidentally download a file.

Many small businesses and employees don’t have basic email security, so they just cross their fingers that nothing bad happens when they accidently open that email with the email address

Security Experts

  • We’re your dedicated Cybersecurity resource so you can have peace of mind.
  • We understand what it takes to protect a business. We are Cybersecurity experts, equipped to protect against constantly evolving threats.

Improved Cybersecurity

  • We implement multiple security layers to protect your data, people, and company.
  • We understand People, not just tech.
  • We provide you with the care, clear communications, and professionalism you deserve.

Cost & Time Savings

  • We are flexible within any budget. It’s our job to protect your business while reducing costs.
  • We have a reputation for getting the job done, within budget and on time.
  • Our monthly program can help you with further cost savings!

Access to Innovative Technology & Tools

  • We offer access to innovative security technology, tools, and experts.
  • Our 24/7/365 Remote monitoring & management platform to prevent and detect issues/breaches.


Our full range of products and services doesn’t leave any space for malicious outages.

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Application Audits

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IT Audits

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Full Security Review & Gap Analysis

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Application Audits

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Application Audits

Completed Projects

Cyber security specialist needed to assess the security of our platforms

Customer was looking for someone to help them become accredited for information security governance.

AWS Audit

Customer wanted their AWS security audited to identify any gaps

External Auditor

Setup and implemented Single Sign on (SSO/OKTA) so that employees can securely log into one platform for all of their applications and passwords
– Passwords can be managed, shared and revoked easily by IT/administrators
– Provided instructions, guidance, and training presentations for employees

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“Having an audit lets us know where we stand. Revamp Cybersecurity’s audits were affordable. They also corrected many of our risks!”

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