Onboarding & Offboarding

Secure, Simplified and Automated

70% of all businESses do not have automated onboarding & OFFBOARDING

Many businesses struggle to manage the onboarding/offboarding process.

Getting employees properly onboarded with access to proper resources can take days, even weeks. 

Not having a secure, simplified, and automated onboarding/offboarding process is a major inefficiency – it also delivers a negative employee experience and creates security risks.

Strengthen security

  • Use secured automation instead of relying on humans, reducing errors from manual processes and data entry. 

Cost & Time Savings

  • Tired of time consuming  onboarding/offboarding?
    Automation can save you time.
  • We can ensure your policies and procedures are documented and updated on a regular basis, according to industry requirements and best practices.

Freedom From
the Spreadsheet

  • Many businesses rely on spreadsheets as part of their processes. This can introduce errors and create risks.

Completed Projects

Automated, One Click Onboarding

Created an onboarding diagram and plan, integrated client’s HRIS system, improved management of new accounts and deleted old accounts and data. Fixed onboarding and offboarding process to ensure productivity and security.

SSO Implementation 

Implemented SSO. Assisted client with onboarding and offboarding improvements.

Onboarding & Offboarding Audit

Audited client’s systems and processes. Showed client the weaknesses in their process and advised the client on how to streamline and maintain new changes.

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“Without onboarding automation, companies spend thousands of hours on time-consuming and error-prone manual processes that burden IT & HR teams and result in loss of productivity and security issues.” 

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