My favorite New Year’s Resolution I hear from CEOs & Managers is to increase cybersecurity for their company. Here’s 5 Tips for a Safe & Secure New Year!

  1. Provide Cybersecurity Awareness Training & Simulations
    A preventable employee mistake is involved in about 60 percent of all data breaches.

    Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training should cover:
    – How to recognize and prevent malware, ransomware, phishing, and cyber attacks
    – How to choose strong passwords
    – Use a Password Manager (see below)
    – The Do’s & Don’ts of using personal devices for work (hybrid work/home devices, personal laptops, iphones, etc.)
    – Encourage a company culture of “See Something, Say Something”
    – Ongoing and Engaging Training
    – Company Security Policies & Procedures

    2. Use A Password Manager For All Employees
    A password manager is a program that stores, generates, and manages complex passwords.

    Why is this Important? Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report found that 81% of hacking-related breaches in 2018 were due to weak or stolen passwords. These breaches could have been prevented by using a password manager.

    A password manager used by all employees can immediately increase cybersecurity. It offers other benefits like preventing loss of time due to forgotten passwords or locked out accounts.

    Some Password Manager options:
    – 1password or
    – LastPass

    3. Hire a Dedicated Cybersecurity Expert or second opinion who can provide an unbiased cybersecurity assessment, Incident Response Plan, and company strategy


    4. Update your vendor risk-management program and policies. Screen your vendors carefully and control how vendors use your information and data. 

    5. Choose or review your company’s cyber insurance policy. (Some application questions are quite lengthy and confusing – we can help review or answer your questions.)

These steps are just a start, Contact Revamp Cybersecurity today to see how we can help your company become cyber secure.

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