Automate your Business Processes 

We help companies improve business workflows & processes by:

  • Automating repetitive and manual tasks to save time and money
  • Recommending and implementing software and tools to maximize productivity
  • Connecting your software together so your data, systems, and teams can sync and work seamlessly
  • Using “no-code/low-code” automation tools 
  • Solving Business, End User & Security issues via Automation


  • We design automated workflows, create custom reports, business analytics, and updates to improve your processes and achieve your goals.
  • Data management & organization include cleansing, transferring, and exporting data to applications.
  • Application Integrations (connecting applications) to share data & make everything work seamlessly.
  • Set up, optimize, provide training & support automation for full alignment.


  • Human error & manual tasks often introduces errors & delays into processes.
  • Eliminate the “pain of the mundane.”
  • Automated manual tasks prevent problems before they stack up and get out of control!

Cost & Time SavingS

  • Streamlined workflows & automation increases productivity and profitability.
  • Automate your Sales, Client, Onboarding/Offboarding, and important Business processes.



  • Receive automated alerts when problems or issues arise.
  • We ensure your automation also integrates security & compliance safeguards to keep your data & company safe.


Our full range of products and services doesn’t leave any space for malicious outages.

Email Security

Cloud Security

Application Security

Network Security

Device Security

Completed Projects

Onboarding Automation 

Startup had wanted to automate the setting up accounts and status. This involved diagramming teh flow, understandg the process, then connecting multiple applications,  identifying the manual stps involved and tracking the success of an oboard. Eliniating the need for multiple spreadsheets. 

Automation Platform Assistance

Customer already had using  a 3rd party automation  but needed more advanced requireents. 

Workflow assitance

Helped customer understand their desired workflow. Customer had a goal but was unclear about how to get that done with automation. 

Marketing & Sales

Full automated inbound sales and marketing efforts from scratch.  

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“Couldn’t have finished our OKTA/SSO project without Revamp Cybersecurity’s expertise and training, highly recommend.”
– Tech startup company

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