Cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), etc. allow for the rapid creation and management of data storage and cloud resources. The problem with this is that most organizations don’t keep track of these resources and don’t apply proper security to them. For many, the monthly bill becomes the only way to figure out usage info . . . but bills can’t show everything.

Cloud mismanagement and misconfiguration is the leading cause of cyberattacks and breaches on cloud platforms, and are very difficult to detect. But breaches due to untracked or “orphaned” resources are almost impossible to detect, since no one knows about them!

It’s been estimated that about $17 billion will be wasted this year due to wasted cloud resources. Orphaned resources use up space, while you are still being charged money for resources you aren’t using and aren’t aware of. In Flexera’s State of the Cloud 2020 report, 73% of the responding companies said one of their top priorities was to “Optimize existing use of cloud (cost savings).”

On top of wasting money, these orphaned resources don’t have adequate security protection, if any. 

Orphaned resources: 

  • waste money, time, and space 
  • are overlooked in IT Security and management tools and processes
  • are not checked for vulnerabilities, compliance, security updates
  • are not properly cycled out 
  • are a hidden security risk

Basic solutions:
Reduce your monthly bill and save money by identifying and reconciling your orphaned cloud user accounts

– Implement visibility into your cloud environment. Visual diagrams can help identify hidden orphaned resources, so that they can be terminated or allocated as needed.

– Make sure that your Cloud is checked for orphaned resources on a regular basis and as part of your maintenance and audit processes.

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